Welcome to SAWCC!

Sacramento is the Capitol seat of the Capital Region, an innovating city!

Welcome to the Sacramento Area Women’s Chamber of Commerce!

We believe in leading the way for all women in the Capital Region to realize resiliency, success, wellness, and excellence in business large and small, through advocacy, venture and business development, access to capital, and education and training in entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and contracting.

Founded in late 2013, the SAWCC is a nonpartisan, 501c(6) organization dedicated to the belief that the more dreams and abilities of women that we can promote, the stronger we’ll all be: our economy, our families, our culture, and ourselves.

  • We are committed to collaboration and to working side by side with regional, diverse business, government, financial, social, and cultural organizations and individuals, and to being a catalyst for promoting efficiencies of our private and public resources, understanding that we are stronger when we work together.
  • We are passionate about leveraging, developing, and promoting the strengths, gifts, and capacities of professional women of every age, and about leading education initiatives that bridge the energy and passion of bright, young women and experienced veterans.
  • We seek to open windows of new or advancing opportunity for under-resourced women, and between women seeking new or advancing leadership careers or venture development opportunities in science, engineering, and technology sectors.

Finally, we are driven to make mentoring and apprenticeship connections between younger generations and experienced women leaders in their field, and to fostering mentorship between women leaders and younger women in ways that will strengthen our regional economies with a focus toward innovation and Next Economy sectors, especially in science, engineering, venture growing, and technology.

We hope you’ll join us today!

Take Our Influence Survey!

Doing well by doing good. Click on the photo to take our survey.
Doing well by doing good.Click on the photo to take our survey.

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