Meet the Board

Our 2014 Board of Directors

Velma Sykes, President/CEO
Alice Scott, CA State Treasurer’s Office
Tracy Saville, CleanWorld, Inc.
Tammy McNiff, University of California, Davis (UCD)
Elaine Ernst-Stall, K.O.O. Construction, Inc.
Terri L. Speed, DDS
Marilyn White, Private Wealth Management
Deidra Thorpe, Microsoft
Bobbie Singh-Allen, CA Lodging Industry Association

Big Competition


3 thoughts on “Meet the Board”

  1. Here is the promised information re the upcoming May 4, 2014 Women of Color Day/Diversity Event and Launch of WomenWorldCulture. I accept the invitation to come to your next meeting and share more information about the event and the opportunities available with WomenWorldCulture. Please confirm the date, place and time. Happy to see your organization established. Sorry I was out of town for your inaugural event. The Sacramento Area Women’s Chamber of Commerce is much needed. Count me among your supporters.

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