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We’re so excited that you are interested in accelerating your journey to greater influence in your career, your business, your profession, and your  community. We just launched publicly in March 2014. You’ll note our website is an interim site to facilitate these first few months as we build our new web home.

In the meantime, please basic membership information, an online contact form,  our values, and our  Pillars of Service follows. Contact us via email at Drop us a line at the contact form below. Or call Velma Sykes, our CEO at 916.426.8366.




Annual Dues

  • Associate membership – $50 (independent contractors)
  • Small business owners – $85 (1-5 employees)
  • Affiliate membership – $200 (Collaborative organizations)
  • Business owners – $150 (6+ employees)
  • Associations – $300 (Colleges and universities)
  • Corporate membership – $850 (up to 10 members)

A note about banner advertising: If you have signed up for banner advertising, please contact Tracy Saville at This website will not yet support banners, but we do have an interim opportunity. Your portion paid for banners will be “reserved” and used for banner ads once the new website has been built.


To promote economic empowerment of women in business, leadership development, relationship networking and advocacy in private and public sectors

INFLUENCE: SAWCC advances access to opportunity for a diverse cross-section of women and girls that raises their numbers in influential roles throughout our region (SACRAMENTO, YOLO, PLACER, EL DORADO, SUTTER, AMADOR, CALAVERAS, SOLANO).

INNOVATE: SAWCC has a STEM spine (science, technology, engineering, and math) to promote women in innovative-forward reaching fields.

EDUCATE: SAWCC is committed to delivering tools, programs and mentoring that identifies and develops leaders among women in our communities.

SUSTAIN: SAWCC is dedicated to developing triple-bottom line businesses where profit, social benefit, and environmental sustainability share equal priority.

COLLABORATE: SAWCC will foster collaboration and partnerships with existing organizations that improves economic growth and vitality in the region, especially in the next economy job growth sectors.

ADVOCATE: SAWCC will monitor, encourage and hold public and private sector agencies and elected and appointed leaders accountable to provide equal opportunities for all women.

SERVE: SWACC is “about” raising our regional human capital to achieve greater effectiveness, service, and sustainability.

Pillars of Service

The Chamber is focused on facilitating the economic growth of the greater Sacramento business community by providing access to business resources and opportunities that add value.

Advocacy: The SAWCC fights for legislation that promotes small business growth, particularly policies that address
the challenges of women business owners. We understand the importance of maintaining a bipartisan
approach to advocacy, and hence, collaborate with policy makers from all political affiliations to
advocate for policies that best serve the interest of the community.

Access to Capital: Capital access remains the most important factor limiting the establishment, expansion and growth of
women-owned businesses. The SAWCC will work with financial institutions to create avenues by which
women-owned businesses can gain greater access to credit, capital and other financial instruments.

Contracting: Our goal is to level the playing field by helping members gain access to business opportunities in private
and public sectors. We accomplish this by educating members on contract opportunities, helping to
increase their capacity to bid for large scale contracts, and offering resources and information that
enhance owners’ ability to compete.

Entrepreneur Training: The SAWCC is committed to helping women business leaders achieve stellar performance and growth
through entrepreneur and business management training. We deliver quality educational opportunities
and professional development resources that help our members manage and grow successful

Business Development: The growth and development of chamber members, businesses and individuals is a core focus of the
SAWCC. As such, we will leverage our role as a regional organization, provide technical assistance and
leadership training to members, and facilitate the sharing of best practices and industry data. We utilize
a variety of mechanisms including, training, web-based tools, peer networking, coaching, and
information products.

Leadership Development: Focusing on educating small business owners on how to become business ready; corporate employees
on how to leverage one’s skills to climb the corporate ladder; informing everyone about the latest public policy issues facing the valley and state; and most importantly presenting new business and investment
opportunities to take advantage of.

 Welcome to SAWCC!

5 thoughts on “Become a Member”

    1. Please visit our membership area of this website to find the fees and online application. Thank you, Kris, for your interest!

      1. So would a non-Profit be an association or an affiliate? Can different members of the Non-Profit participate at different functions under the one membership? The membership page doesn’t address those questions.

      2. The Girl Scouts would be an association, BUT we are hopeful that our relationship would fall under an affiliate category and have unique attributes where we are working under a strategic, collaborative, and unique to that relationship agreement. And we are working on those details. Right now we don’t have defined #’s because we’re still developing and rounding out the offering and benefits. We will have this defined by our next business reception, which is June 26th. We’ll follow up with you!

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