Private Equity Women Investor Network

One of the influence tools we hope to bring to women in the Capital region is equity: access to it and opportunity to build it and wield it here at home. The Private Equity Women Investor Network is one of the leading organization nationally where women of influence and equity engage. Sharing with you, our members and the community because information is power, and the more we know, the more we can do together.

The mission of PE WIN is to provide an intimate forum for senior women general partners, limited partners and private equity professionals to network, share investment ideas, explore potential opportunities to work together and generally increase the profile of female leaders in our industry.

PE WIN is an organized forum where senior level women in private equity can enjoy the opportunity to network, share ideas and make deep, intimate connections with their peers.

• Over 200 women across North America.

• The most senior women in private equity.

• Some of the most powerful, influential women in finance.

• Membership is nearly equally split between General Partners and Limited Partners represented across 20 states in the U.S. and growing.

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